Administration Fees

Fees before you move in

Deposit: Five weeks’ rent

Accompanied check-in fee (If requested by the tenant ): £30 plus VAT

This fee covers attending the property on the move in date with the inventory or schedule of condition for the property, explaining how the appliances function and taking meter readings for utilities and services.

Fees during the tenancy

Amendment fee (payable by a tenant leaving the property during a fixed term tenancy agreement): Tenant(s) is/are responsible to pay the rent for the remaining duration of fixed term and £150 plus VAT administration fee.

This fee covers contract negotiation, amending and updating terms, arranging a new tenancy agreement and terminating or updating of the original one

Fee for change of occupancy within an existing tenancy (payable by the replacement tenant): £60 plus VAT per tenant

Fees at the end of the tenancy

Accompanied check out fee (if requested by tenant): £50 plus VAT

This fee covers, on the day of move out, attending the property and preparing an inventory or schedule of condition of the property in relation to the check in inventory or schedule of condition.

Other fees

Lost security items (eg keys): Cost of new keys and locks plus any actual costs involved with third party contractors attending the site for work, obtaining necessary permissions, sourcing providers and any travel costs.

Out of Service Hours: £30 per hour plus VAT (plus any actual costs involved)

Where the action of the tenant results in us (or a nominated contractor) attending the property, the time to remedy the situation is charged at the hourly rate.

If you have any questions about our fees then please contact us.